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We are the group that never existed. We are the group that questions everything and expects more. We cater to developing scientists, in-depth thought, and supporting our members. We push to provide not just a club, but also a community on campus that is well known throughout Ryerson. We strive in providing opportunities, and a unique experience outside of the typical meetings and t-shirts. This is not just a club. This is a group of engineers, scientists, and explorers. This is a group that seeks to follow the works of Da Vinci, Einstein, Newton, and many more pioneers of the sciences. We seek knowledge, we seek truth, we seek to develop, shape, and mold some of the most diverse minds that not just Ryerson has seen, but the world. The question is, do you “Dare Mighty Things”? If so, contact us and let’s begin this journey together with the SIP community.

Let your mind be free and explore the unexplored.

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“Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world. Science is the highest personification of the nation because that nation will remain the first which carries the furthest the works of thought and intelligence.”

-Louis Pasteur


Head Shot

Founder & President

Taleen Kesian | Aerospace Engineering

Taleen is a graduate from the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson with a focus in marketing. She originally intended to enter the business work field once she graduated but realized that she wanted more in life. Taleen provides a different and unique outlook to experience when it comes to undergrads. She wants members to experience more than just tests and books. She wants members not only  learn to question everything, but also to ask why not rather than accepting status-quo. Taleen seeks to build and develop one of the most influential and unique experiences any undergrad can undergo. Her vision, values, and motivation root from experience, struggles, and pivotal information she has come across.






“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others in the world remains and is immortal.”

-Albert Pike


Vu 1

Vice President of Communication

Vu Pham | Chemical Engineering

Vu will keep you informed, share his advice, and be there for a chat when you need him. So when you see him in the halls, call him over for a cup of coffee and chat your thoughts away.

“No life because I’m married to engineering” -Vu

polina shot

Vice President of Events

Polina Shiverskaya | Industrial Engineering

Polina loves to travel and explore! Soaking in her experiences, she will make sure that every event is one to remember. From the fine details to the big picture Polina will be there. She will be your insiders tip to what to expect.

“Every event will not only be informative and forward thinking, but also fun!” -Polina


Vice President of Operations

Tiffany Wijaya | Biomedical Engineering

Tiffany will do her best to help make sure everything goes according to  plan by questioning every possibility. When murphy’s law interferes, improvisation will take place.

“In this club every member counts” -Tiffany


Research Projects

Our Mentor – Research Program is broken into 3 stages

FALL TERM – Getting Together

A selected student will attend the professors research team meetings to gain an understanding  of their goals as well as what topics to research and become more familiar with.


The selected student will shadow either the professor or graduate student in the lab to learn how to use machinery as well as safety rules in the lab.


By this time the student will start to perform independent work in the lab depending on what type of research they are conducting.

Buddy – 2 – Buddy

Want to learn skills outside of the classroom that will keep you ahead of the game?

Our Buddy – 2- Buddy Program allows our members to do just that.  Learn how to use Solidworks, or strengthen your skills with Matlab.  If you commit to a series of sessions taught by a B2B Mentor you are eligible for a letter of recommendation, showing you have made an effort in enhancing the tools you will need in the future.

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Speaker Series: Quantum Dots and Their Applications 

Buddy-2-Buddy: SolidWorks Workshop #1, making a SIP Keychain

Buddy-2-Buddy: SolidWorks Workshop #2, making a wrench

Contact Us

Have a question? Want to collaborate? Send us an email at sip@ress.ca